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Acomodiation in hotels, guest houses and many restaurants.
Visits of monuments of cultural heritage like churches, bridges etc.
Attractive nature, hiking, forests, pastures, camping.
Various cultural activities organized every year.
Information centers for tourists, and maps of touristic sites.
Developed agriculture and agrotourism.


The commune of Voskopoja is located about 20 km west of the city of Korca and lies on the plateau between Gora and Opar, with an average altitude of 1260 m above the sea level. It has a total area of 64 km2. There are five villages: Voskopoja (commune center), Gjonomadhi, Lavdari, Shipska and Krushova with an average distance of 5-7 km from the center of commune. There are 750 families and about 2745 inhabitants.


Tourism is a major activity which is increased year by year but since 2007 has been largely developed . Today there are 50 families involved in tourism activities and there is a good network of hotels, guest houses, coffee and restaurants, which constitute a significant host capacity for tourists. The infrastructures of tourist information is already established and includes sightseeing posts, maps, guides etc. The number of tourists is rising and most of them come from the different regions of Albania, Europe and beyond.


Voskopoja has a rich cultural heritage. It is evidenced by the presence of 7 churches and the monastery of St. Prodhomit. Here had been established a printing house, an Academia and a lot of well knwon figures. Voskopoja has inherited a good infrastructure where could be mentioned the cobblestone streets, characteristic rural stone houses, bridges, taps etc. Voskopoja is under protection and declared by the Government a Historic and Touristic Area (HTA). The reassessment of such heritage has enabled its further recognition and tourism development.


There are 6400 hectares land where 2500 hectares are agricultural land as well as pastures, forests and a diversity of medicinal plants making the basis for agriculture and livestock development. Agriculture is the main source of income for 650 families residing in the area of Voskopoja. The livestock accounts for the major sector of farming where several animals are growing for milk and meat productions such as sheep, cows,goats. All agricultural and livestock products are very famous in the region and beyond for their quality and taste especially potatoes, honey, meat and dairy.

“...Today we see large scale improvement of rural infrastructure and tourism, a new assessment of natural and cultural resources, community building initiatives such as - establishment of Association Voskopoja, return of emigrants, new businesses and houses and an extension of hosting tourist capacities... ”
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The project of the Europian Delegation.

During the period 2007-2012 the EC delegation has supported a project entitled "Integrated Development Voskopoja Territory". The Project partners are FERT Paris, the commune of Voskopoje while ADAD has implemented and managed the project on the ground . This project has aimed to assess the resources of Voskopoja and use them as part of tourism, agriculture, tourism and development In this framework are realized a series of actions on community building and economic development which have had an impact on the entire area of Voskopoja . These have further led to many concrete results such as the establishment of Association Voskopoja, increasing the agricultural and handcraft products, reassessment of culture heritage sites, a higher number of tourists and the extension of the model to other communes of Korca region like as Drenova and Vithkuqi

Within the project framework are designed and approved three main documents for Voskopoja:

  • "Territorial Charter" for protection and assessment of the site which is a model firstly used in Voskopoje and Albania that allows the commitment signing of many stakeholders interested in territorial development of Voskopoja.

  • Environmental Protection Charter, which aware and mobilizes the community for protecting and preserving the environment.

  • A document between the municipality and the Association Voskopojare - (SHATM) which defines the management and operation of the Heritage and Rural Development House (Voskopojare House) as a public facility to serve the community.

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